About Me


Hi! I’m an author and psychologist in private practice, helping parents, couples and individuals achieve their goals. I’ve been counseling, speaking and writing for more than 4 decades on subjects relating to parenting, marriage and emotional wellbeing. My most recent books on these subjects include “Better Behavior Now!”“Raise Your Kids without Raising Your Voice” and “The Fear Fix” published by HarperCollins Canada, and “Make Yourself at Home” and Harmony at Home” published by Menucha Press. I also write a weekly family life column in the “Family First” section of the internationally distributed Jewish Family magazine, “Mishpacha.” I support parents through my Daily Parenting Posts, my Facebook Parenting Page and my Instagram Parenting Page among other venues. 

About Sarah Chana Radcliffe
I’ve been married almost 40 years and have 6 grown kids and a squaggle (is that a word?) of grandchildren. I believe that children are the product of many factors – genes, birth order, peer relationships, culture, community, school experiences, free will and much more – and that parents play a unique and powerful role in their development that can be optimized with knowledge and skill. It’s my mission to help parents acquire the tools and strategies that will help them bring out the best in themselves, each other and their children.