Nothing hurts more than seeing your child in pain. Here’s how you can help…..

Supporting your child through a difficult experience (like being humiliated, failing an important exam, losing a friend, living through your divorce, etc.) does not mean helping her to see “the silver lining” or to know that things will get better. True support is allowing her to cry on your shoulder until she feels better. Just being there is what she needs most from you. What YOU need most is the courage to refrain from trying to change the way she’s feeling when she’s feeling that bad.

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You tried but you couldn’t do it and now your family feels let down…even though you never promised it would happen…

“I’ll try,” “Maybe,” “We’ll see.” These are all phrases to avoid when you want to avoid conflict later. It is better to say “I can’t answer that yet,” or “I’ll let you know when I know.”

There’s so much to do and so little time. Here’s how to handle it all stress-free…

You cannot do it all and neither can anyone else. If it seems to you that someone else is doing it all, then you are lacking some important information. What you CAN do is some of it and even then, you may not do it particularly well. But none of this is a problem when you accept yourself unconditionally. So do that. 

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Keep in mind that your child is always listening, hearing and reacting….

Speaking gently to your spouse soothes your child’s soul.

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