This little book is intended to change your life – and your child’s life – for good. It will show you how to encourage behavioral change with less wear and tear on both you and your child, and more ease and peace for your entire household. And it will also make you a parenting genius (or at least a little smarter!). 

  • put an end to inappropriate, harmful, hurtful, self-defeating, uncooperative or otherwise unacceptable behavior once and for all
  • learn EXACTLY how to get your child to make lasting, positive behavioral changes
  • learn how to identify and avoid techniques that don’t work
  • learn how to speed up the learning process
  • acquire the brain science that will empower you to positively influence anyone’s behavior (even your spouse’s and your own!)

The book Better Behavior Now! Is a 99 page downloadable  ebook. You can print it out to read (we will NOT be mailing you a book) and/or you can download it and save it to your computer, tablet or smartphone, so that you can read it on these devices at any time, without internet access.

When you place your order you will receive an email with 3 downloadable copies. Download one on each of your devices (i.e. computer, iPad, phone). For more information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) click HERE